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Three New Books on Presque Isle mark the

175th Anniversary of the

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

A Place Called Presque Isle

Janet Young's family has been a part of Presque Isle for three generations.  Janet herself has long been fascinated with the history of this "almost island" and has spent years researching the places and personalities which have made Presque Isle such a fascinating and lively locale.  Now Janet has pulled together this remarkable fund of information in a book entitled A Place Called Presque Isle.  She helps you explore the history of Presque Isle Harbor, East Grand Lake, the community of Bell, and other locations on the peninsula.  She also introduces you to the men and women who kept the lights burning at the Old and New Lighthouses and the Harbor Range Light.  Janet's book was published in late June and is available at the New Lighthouse Gift Shop.

Postcards from Presque Isle

The first commercially produced postcards in the U.S. appeared in 1861, and the first picture postcards were issued in 1873.  These letters-without-envelopes proved very popular!  In time they were also recognized as remarkable historic artifacts.  Postcards document the landscapes, structures, and activities which distinguish an area at particular moments in its history.  Some landmarks, such as buildings, are still here; others are long gone.  In addition, the brief messages which senders wrote on their postcards give important insights into how they spent their time and what they found of value during their visits.

For this reason we are delighted that local historians Judith Kimball and John Porter have produced a new volume in the Postcard History Series, entitled Grand Lake and Presque Isle.  In their book we can explore Burnham's Landing, the abandoned community of Bell, Presque Isle's two celebrated lighthouses, two youth camps, the new limestone mining enterprise at Rockport, and other important venues.  The authors show us that that some visitors in the 20th century groused that the water was too cold, the fish were too reluctant to bite, getting here took too long... and their visits proved much too brief.  Many people considered Grand Lake and Presque Isle a little piece of heaven.  Judith's and John's broad knowledge of local history, and their extensive research on Presque Isle personalities, make this book a new treat.  Copies are available at the New Lighthouse Gift Shop.

A New History of Presque Isle County's Shoreline Communities

Years of research on the history of Presque Isle County has culminated in publication of Almost an Island: Early Histories of the Shoreline Settlements in Presque Isle County, by Gerald Micketti and Mark Thompson.  Mark is Executive Director and Curator of the Presque Isle County Historical Museum, and Jerry is the author of three book's in the Museum's Local History Book Series.   Published just this spring, this richly illustrated volume provides information on the communities of Presque Isle, Bell, Thompson's Harbor, Crawford's Quarry, Rogers City, Spensville, Hammond, and Grace.  Along the way the authors add new information, and sometimes totally revise, the "conventional wisdom" about certain people and events in the history of this area.  It's a great read!

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